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Christmas Gifts 2015

We just celebrated Christmas, the most beautiful time of the year. Not only because we celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. But also because it was ANgela's second Christmas and also her 21 months birthday.

October 22, 2013 when I was 16 weeks pregnant, I heard the words that no parent want to hear, ¨your baby has anencephaly, a condition NOT sustainable for life following delivery". Your baby is " incompatible with life" "non viable pregnancy". And they urged abortion as abortion was the cure.
Today, December 26 2015, the "non viable", the "incompatible with life" baby just celebrated 21 months old and celebrated her second Christmas with her family and friend who love her unconditionally.
My husband and I were terrified. We were given NO hope. We were told we would not bring our baby girl home. We were offered immediately the opportunity to abort our "imperfect" baby. We were offered amniocentesis. We were offere…

‘Incompatible with Life" Is NOT A Diagnosis, It’s A Death Sentence.

‘Incompatible with Life Is NOT A Diagnosis, It’s A Death Sentence for the unborn disabled child..  When Angela was diagnosed with anencephaly at 16 weeks into my pregnancy, doctor told me “your baby is incompatible with life after delivery."  I was in shock I couldn’t move, I had no words and with a lump in my throat I asked: "How long do you think?" They told me from minutes to hours after birth.  Angela got her death sentence at that moment. I started grieving my baby; I couldn’t understand what “incompatible with life” means at that moment of her diagnosis. 

I was feeling her moving and kicking I knew she was alive to me. They said that those were only muscle reflex, and that she was only alive because she was attached to me but as soon as I delivered her, she would die.   At that moment I knew that “incompatible with life” meant no hope, no baby, no interventions, no care or treatment.  She got her death sentence. 

Can you imagine what we parents have fell when the me…

16 Months of Blessings

Have I ever tell you how great our God is? 

We are so thankful and so blessed to have this little fighter in our lives. It has been 16 months since Angela was born. We are also forever grateful with God that we have been able to spend the last SIXTEEN MONTHS with our girl. We are incredibly blessed! 

When we got her diagnosis, we both were heartbroken. it is a excruciating pain knowing that your child has already a death sentence. I spent the first weeks after the diagnosis crying, there was nothing that will comfort me or my husband Rony. We could not understand what was happening to us. Why us? Why our child? Now I understand why. God allows trials in our life to help us grow in virtues. 

I never thought going through such a heartbreaking situation would show us just how blessed we are. We have grown in so many ways. We have learned so much about patience obedience, trust, love, hope, and faith. We are more compassionate  because of Angela. These moments of pain and sufferings are the …

15 Months of Life Walking By Faith.

Our sweet baby Angela is 15 MONTHS old today! She was born with anencephaly a terrible birth defect where parts of her brain and skull are missing. Most babies with this condition are still born or live just minutes, hours or days after birth. But she has been here proving science that there is a LOT more to learn about this condition and that doctors all they know about this is what it is in the textbooks.  We can’t believe that she has made it to this far, she is happy and a healthy little girl.

  She is absolutely perfect and wonderful warrior with a BIG purpose to fulfill. 

I still remembered everything about the day when I got the diagnosis; I was there alone in a small cold dark room. I felt in my heart that something was wrong with my precious baby girl. More than 40 pictures were taking I was there waiting for the doctor to come to give me that terrible news. The doctor told me.  “I am sorry but your baby is open from the eyebrow to the back, she has no brain or skull, this cond…

Eleven Months: The Power of Love

It is painful beyond belief to be told that your precious new baby in your womb has ANENCEPHALY.  Being told that your child has a disability can be as traumatizing as learning of a family member's sudden death. Instead of feeling that especial tremendous sence of joy, you may feel as if your world has been turned upside down.  Most likely, you didnt care whether you would have a boy or a girl, you just wanted a healthy child. But it seems that the baby you dreamed about has not arrived. Receving such a message from your doctor can produce overwheming emotions of shock, disbelief, anxiety, depression, fear, anger, resentment, acceptantance and some times rejection, yes rejection of the baby, because we often fear of the future, and wonder how  can we cope with this overwhelming change in our life.

My husband and I were stunned by such news. The first question that comes up after this diagnosis is  "Why Us?" or "What did we do wrong?" and conclude for a moment  …