15 Months of Life Walking By Faith.

Our sweet baby Angela is 15 MONTHS old today! She was born with anencephaly a terrible birth defect where parts of her brain and skull are missing. Most babies with this condition are still born or live just minutes, hours or days after birth. But she has been here proving science that there is a LOT more to learn about this condition and that doctors all they know about this is what it is in the textbooks.  We can’t believe that she has made it to this far, she is happy and a healthy little girl.

  She is absolutely perfect and wonderful warrior with a BIG purpose to fulfill. 

I still remembered everything about the day when I got the diagnosis; I was there alone in a small cold dark room. I felt in my heart that something was wrong with my precious baby girl. More than 40 pictures were taking I was there waiting for the doctor to come to give me that terrible news. The doctor told me.  “I am sorry but your baby is open from the eyebrow to the back, she has no brain or skull, this condition is called anencephaly”. 

Nothing can be more terrifying than hear these words about your own child. I remembered asking myself, “how I am going to tell Rony or Elizabeth”. This day he was not able to come with me as he had to work, I went with my friend and Elizabeth was there also.  I remembered crying, crying seas. Elizabeth run to hug me as soon as she saw me walking out the  door.  Rapidly she asked “what happen mommy” and cleaned my tears. I couldn’t tell her, I just wanted a strong hug. I have chosen LIFE for her I declined termination twice. She was not a choice she was my beautiful baby girl.   The hard thing was to tell Rony, what a terrible day was that.

I went home with a piece of paper written “anencephaly” on it. I told Rony we are  having another girl we laughed and I busted into tears. He hugged me and asked “what it  is wrong? “Our baby will die at birth,   she has NO BRAIN” I said.  “And there is nothing we can do to save her”. I continued to explained to him what doctors had told me, “she is incompatible with life”. I told him the “options” for our daughter. He immediately told me “we will carry this baby to term; we will love her until she takes her last breath”. And our bittersweet journey started.  An Angel Was Born.

We can hardly believe what we have witnessed.  We have witnessed many miracles. 



 Angela is living and thriving 15 months outside the womb.  They said this day would never come. But she never stops defying the odds.  Angela continues to amaze doctors and doing things they said she would never do.  She eats everything by mouth no need of a support machine. No oxygen, no more surgeries.  Just the one she got almost two months of life just because she was still alive with her openeing in the back of her head. No infections, praise the Lord. 

 She is breathing on her own, she is a FIGHTER.  She is gaining weight, now she is not a baby anymore, she is 19lbs.  The weight for her age is in the 10th percentile.  She is small size for her age, below 2nd percentile. Her head is growing very slow. Her head is only 31cm and is below 2nd percentile.  Angela is able to roll to her side, moves her legs and arms, and has some head control. She loves to eat fruits and vegetables; her favorite  is sweet potato, banana avocado and watermelon.  She started to eat table food, she loves what I cook.

Our miracle baby is 15 months old today.  She is a living prove that miracles happen everyday if you believe in God. That means trusting the Lord even when you don’t know His plan. Trust and accept His will always. She came to this world as perfect as she can be. God entrusted us this precious special gift.

This journey began with a sword wounding our hearts, we could not understand why so much suffering.Why so much pain? Why us? why our beloved daughter? Why? Why?

Now I understand why we had to go through this suffering to receive this reward, we are happy; our lives are full and fulfilling. We have it all, God has everything in control, and we are only instruments to His plan can be completed.

Angela has a wonderful life; her disability does not stop her for having a fulfilling life. She is happy so are we. We never had learned to love in this way if had it not been for her. They told us not to keep her and that we should let her go. They said we would be selfish to bring her to this world. But what it’s wrong to want to love her with all our hearts. Love her, and treat her with respect and dignity until her death. The world calls it selfishness I call it pure and unconditional love.

There are no words meaningful enough to capture how I feel about her.  Our Heavenly Father has rewarded us, with His grace, His strength, His unconditional love, His peace and His joy. I feel very proud to have a fighter daughter; her powerful testimony to the dignity of life is changing hearts and lives around the world. 

She is brave, mighty, fearful and strong.

Having Fun with Aunty Heidy 
The love for both of my daughters is so deep, I can do anything for them. But Angela is special, she healed the wounds and scars I had, the suffering we went through is NOTHING the joy we are experiencing now.  I believe  God knew we needed her. She has given to us more than we have given to her.   

I couldn’t imagine that a human being can love this way. Both of my daughters are the light of my life. I love them dearly I can feel it with every bit of my being.
But I believe God sent Angela to our home to create in us a depth of love that we never knew, the love that was missing; the love for my husband, my family or friends. She opened the eyes of my heart and soul, and showed me to love differently.

She opened my heart to a true compassion, not the same that the world show us, the false compassion and merciful. Compassion for disabled people who suffer illness or diseases, I don’t fill pity for them because now I know that they are more blessed than any other “healthy” person. Because the especial needs people have the heart of God, and that God always lives in them.

She has brought out incredible things in me that make me better, better wife, better mother, better human. Things that make me see the world in a completely different view. Wow I can write an endless list about all the things she means to my life. I love BOTH of my daughters but Angela is special, she made me special mother.  Her testimony to the dignity of life has brought so much unity and love. She has softened cold hearts, has help people to return to Jesus, has given hope to thousands of souls, and has restore faith, hope and joy.  She has spoken to the nations, over 50 countries; over 500K has read or saw her story. I have been told that her story has stopped abortions and restored faith. In total I know of 5 mothers who chose life for their babies, but sad I tell you that I also have seem parents choosing abortion.  The Lord IS working miracles in Angela's life. Because of God godness and grace we are celebrating Angela beating the odds and thriving. 

I dont know all the plans the Lord has for Angela, for Elizabeth, Rony and I. I cant picture what the future holds for us. But because God has showed himseft faithful to us, and because He has given us the strenght and healing, we are choosing to walk by faith and fully trust Him. He has and will always be our guide and strengh. He will provide for us what we need to walk this journey. Loving and taking care of our daugthers. 

I am thankful and a very blessed mom. 

Daddy, Mommy, and big Sister love you Angela and wish you 



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