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‘Incompatible with Life" Is NOT A Diagnosis, It’s A Death Sentence.

‘Incompatible with Life Is NOT A Diagnosis, It’s A Death Sentence for the unborn disabled child..  When Angela was diagnosed with anencephaly at 16 weeks into my pregnancy, doctor told me “your baby is incompatible with life after delivery."  I was in shock I couldn’t move, I had no words and with a lump in my throat I asked: "How long do you think?" They told me from minutes to hours after birth.  Angela got her death sentence at that moment. I started grieving my baby; I couldn’t understand what “incompatible with life” means at that moment of her diagnosis.  I was feeling her moving and kicking I knew she was alive to me. They said that those were only muscle reflex, and  that she was only alive because she was attached to me but as soon as I delivered her, she would die.   At that moment I knew that “incompatible with life” meant no hope, no baby, no interventions, no care or treatment.  She got her death sentence.  Can you imagine what we parents have fell when

Unplanned Pregnancy: Lessons learned

Last night, it was a difficult night for me, I started to have those strong back pains and pressure down as if the baby wanted to be born. Rony helped me to stand from bed and I walked around the room. I was, having hard time sleeping. And as every night we had to bring Angela to our bed in order for her to sleep and also for us to get some restful night, which is impossible some days. My emotions were a complete jumble. I was inspired to write to you all about my experience because I feel God wants to send a message to all of you. When I was pregnant with Angela, I was emotionally a mess. But never experienced great physical pain, as I am experiencing with this new pregnancy.  This new pregnancy has been so difficult; let me briefly start when we unexpectedly learned we expecting our third child. I experienced an array wide of different emotions, including fear, disbelief, guilt and panic. I started to feel upset, as I was not ready for another child, not now. When Angela was


When I heard the words “non-viable pregnancy”.  I felt terrified, and I felt as if my dreams and hopes for a future were stolen from me. Now my dreams of having a big family were taking away.  Angela was 7 days old.  I felt destroyed and heartbroken.   The baby I dreamed about was gone. The dreams of having two daughters close to age being best friends were gone.   I felt cheated; all my dreams were taken away from me and were replaced by a "broken child".  I had all the words those doctors constantly repeated, “severely disabled”, and   “incompatible with life”.  For some of them the best option was to let her die,  at 16 weeks into my pregnancy the day she was diagnosed with anencephaly.  Why prolong the inevitable” these words echo in my ears.  ‘She may never walk, or talk or hear. She may never see or enjoy her surrenders". The doctors prepared us for the worse.  I wished  that they would have been told us the beauty of these children. The beau