16 Months of Blessings

Have I ever tell you how great our God is? 

 We are so thankful and so blessed to have this little fighter in our lives. It has been 16 months since Angela was born. We are also forever grateful with God that we have been able to spend the last SIXTEEN MONTHS with our girl. We are incredibly blessed! 

When we got her diagnosis, we both were heartbroken. it is a excruciating pain knowing that your child has already a death sentence. I spent the first weeks after the diagnosis crying, there was nothing that will comfort me or my husband Rony. We could not understand what was happening to us. Why us? Why our child? Now I understand why. God allows trials in our life to help us grow in virtues. 

I never thought going through such a heartbreaking situation would show us just how blessed we are. We have grown in so many ways. We have learned so much about patience obedience, trust, love, hope, and faith. We are more compassionate  because of Angela. These moments of pain and sufferings are the ones that make us think of how precious life is. 

Angela is 16 MONTHS old. My eyes have witnessed MANY miracles. ANgela is defying all the odds, her precious life is incredible miracle.  Choosing life for her changed my world forever. We have seen the wonders of God in every moment of her life here on earth. I had little faith; I did not believe that God could do a miracle in my life because I did not feel worthy of His grace. I am a sinner, and did not believe that God would heal her, did not believe in miracles. But in my pain and suffering I accepted His will. I was okay with her death. But God has seen my misery, my humiliation, He saw me with mercy. He took my suffering and turned it into joy. A kind of joy that gives peace to your heart.

Daddy kissing precious Angela 

God's plan is perfect, there are times in our life we want to do what we feel like, sometimes we think that everything that we ask God has to be given to us, and this is not always the norm.We just need to accept God's will as Jesus did. In moments of pain, tears and suffering is when we must be more united to Jesus cross, the pain becomes lighter at the feet of Jesus. God sees us and blesses our obedience. 

If I had chosen to abort my baby Angela, I would have chosen death. There is no hope with death; death is the end of our life here in earth. But for us catholic Christian death is not the end but the beginning with Jesus Christ. My husband Rony and I chose life for Angela because the God we serve is a God of life. We are the pro-life generation, changing this culture of death to a culture of life. 


EVERY life has a meaning. There is always a reason, a purpose to our existence. Angela has her unique story, she was created in God's image for a purpose to fullfill in this valley of tears. God created us with a tremendous purpose. Understanding His design for life will lift us out of the emptiness around us and will give us an incredibly rich meaning and worth!

EVERY disabled unborn child deserve a chance!!!

I believe in miracles and that God has a plan for all of us. He doesn't promise how many days we get on Earth, he only promises everlasting life if we choose to believe and I do. 

This is a drawing made by Chleo James from Where Hope Blooms

ABORTION SOLVES NOTHING. My heart breaks for all women who chose to end pregnancy early. I dont understand why you chose that but remember that God is merciful and there is NO sin so great that God will not forgive. I am here for you also if I can help you find healing. God's grace is for everyone even for those who have aborted their children. There is healing for the brokenhearted. You are NOT alone. 

I LOVE life. My passion is to talk about life. Abortion is NEVER best for women. If I continue sharing Angela's story it is to glorify God and prevent other parents are destroyed by the evil of abortion. 


If I had chosen to abort my baby, I would have chosen death. Death is never best. There is no hope with death. Life is full of possibilities. Life offers hope and fosters love. 

This is in NOT going to be easy. But i promise you that your life will never be the same. This is a very PAINFUL journey but very WORTH. The journey will be long and sometimes very difficult, but if you walked with love, it will be a journey of HOPE and yes, JOY. 

This is how Angela eat the first days of her life. 

I can only hope and pray that each of you who are reading this blog, find something meaningful out of it. I hope and pray that you realize that our God is greater than anything you are going through. He deserves all the glory and praise through every circumstance. He is ALWAYS faithful. He is ALWAYS good!!



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