Celebrating 10 Months of LIFE!!!

Ten months ago today, I gave birth to a beautiful miracle. I'll never forget the fear of losing my baby. I couldn’t hear a cry not a noise, but for our surprised she was breathing in her own, she was ALIVE!!! The moment they put her tiny fragile body in my chest, that’s the moment that I will never forget. I took one look at her perfect face; she was so wonderfully made by God. I was overwhelmed and completely captivated by her beauty. 

My husband and I felt very strongly about our decision of carrying her full term. We felt that we had signed on to be parents to this baby right from the beginning, and if being her parents meant that our only job was to see her through her short life and make sure that she went with peace, dignity, respect and love, then we have done our job as parents. 

 The news was devastating for us but we did our best to cling to our faith in God. We turned to prayer, concentrating on devotion to the Chaplet of Divine Mercy and praying for the special intercession of the Child Jesus and Virgin Mary. We started to feel the overwhelming love, peace and joy despite the suffering and pain. God gave us the child that we wanted, and we were going to love her despite her condition. Love her and giving of our lives to protect her. 

We also began to feel that this was a very special child with a very special purpose for coming, although we did not know what the reason was.  We did, however, know that God had chosen us from all the parents in the world to be her parents and for that we were honored. We knew that we had a very big job to do, and we were going to make sure we did it right. We felt that God had a mission for us to be [voices] for the life of our baby and all the others like her.

Today I can say that we have made the most important decision of our lives. Babies with deformities have the same right as any of us. Babies with disabilities are not toys that are thrown away when not used; they are wonderful human beings. I believe life should be protected and defended from the moment of conception until natural death. I believe grace, compassion and understanding are essential to protecting life. Abortion must be prevented at every stage of development. Every human has the rigth to a full life. Despite age, physical ability, or vulnerability, everyone should be given the opportunity to live and make their mark in the world. 

Today she is 10 months of life!!! Glory be to God forever. Angela in her short time here on earth has inspired the lives of many people. She has been a great example of perseverance , love and hope for each of us. It shows that miracles happend if we believe . She shows us that God is the one in control at all times . If we have Faith we will see His Glory. She taught us unconditional and pure real love, a kind of love that sacrifice for the other. 

Our hearts are full of this immense love, peace, joy and happiness. Our lives are full, we have been blessed, we have Jesus living in our house, because Jesus said that what we do for the most defenseless of His children what would we do to Him. She is not suffering, she is always happy, she smiles when hears our voice, she loves to be touched, coos, make noises, she knows she is loved, she interact with us, and she show us affection. We love her so much and we will defend her life until she takes her last breath. I pray is that God change the heart of our culture, that more children like Angela will be brought to full term, that we will stop aborting children in the womb for any reason, especially simply because they have anencephaly. 

She is 10 months today and filled with LIFE!!! She is thriving and fighting.  She has thousand of people who constantly shower her with love and prayers. She is speaking to the nations. So far by sharing her story I know of 3 babies who have been saved from abortion. Glory is to GOD!!! I can't even put into words how honored I feel to be the mother to this precious little miracle. 

Easter Vigil 2013 at her Comfirmation
Angela is the greatest gift that we could have ever received and our lives are so much better now that she is a part of our life.  Angela continues to amaze and inspire us on a daily basis and that baby that doctors told us that wouldn’t survive is proven then wrong, and living a happy and full life with her loved ones.  I thank God every day for this gift of love. 

she was 10 days old!!!


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