I'm Here To Take Care Of You

Angela(10 days old)

"I'm Here To Take Care of You."

When the doctor diagnosed Angela with anencephaly at 16 weeks into my pregnancy. I felt that all my dreams were destroyed, the baby I was hoping for now had a death sentence. My job as a mother was to protect her from any harm, and I promised that while she is inside and out of my womb I would fight for her because she never gave up on me. I was her carrier, her protector, and my only job was to love her to the fullest while her heart beats here.
We didn't expect her to live this long, she is 22 months old full of life. I believed that she was fatal. she is still consider terminal for  doctors. I believed all what the doctors said, I was very realistic of her condition but always with faith that God will be done. We prepared for her funeral, we prepared for her organs donation. She was going to donate her heart valves to save other two babies. We were prepared for the worse the death of our daughter.

Our journey with Angela has been the hardest, the most heartbreaking, the most painful experience in our lives. Our lives changed completely and all that people call different become our normal. Every day our lives are challenged, a special needs parent has to become the father and the mother the child needs. My husband and I made the commitment even before she was born, we promised to sacrifice for her until she takes her last breath.
God has been our strength all this journey, He gave us His grace to carry on, life can be very hard sometimes. Prayer has been the most vital part of this journey. We have felt God's grace every single day. We are thankful that God chose our home to foster, to care for and to love this special child.

In this 22 months after her birth, we have seem her strength, her determination, her love for us. She is full of grace.
She is a fighter. She is fighting against all odds, challenging science. God has given men the intelligence to study the body. The brain is a mystery, it is so incredible to see how the brain can adjust when other parts are missing, and I think God is using Angela to get at least an advance in medicine. We don't know what God wants to show or teach the medical field. Her story is just unfolding. And we see the Lord in all this.

This journey has been a journey of sufferings, pain and many tears. But also many tears of pure joy. But the most amazing thing happened along this bittersweet journey is that God continues to show His grace, His mercy, His Love. God's grace is what has give us the perspective and faith to trust Him, even when we don't understand His plan.

The more I prayed God to heal her body, the more He used her life to heal my weakness. I am not strong enough and this is more that I can handle.
Big sister Elizabeth always makes her laugh
The more we tried to teach her about God, the more she teaches us about Him and His greatness and everlasting love. I dont know how to describe this but I really see Jesus in her.

I never understood what unconditional love until God used her life to demonstrate it to me. Despite all the challenges , we are happy, our lives are full. We are making sure that her days here in earth are lived to the fullest. We making sure people treat her with dignity and respect.
Angela (7months) at the beach 
I make sure everyday to show her how much I love her, how much she means to me, I tell her everyday that I love her the way she is. I miss her  every chance I get. She is the love of our life. When I come back home from work and she hears my voice, her eyes shine of joy. And I know that if she could, she would run with open arms to hug me. She means the world to us.

Everyday we praised the Lord for allowing us to take care for  her another day, I thank God for allowing me to be her mother. The future is not promised, only God knows the end of our life, but I have promised Angela that all those years I live I will live them to take care for her.

I tell her close to her ear all the time,  I'll be here to take care of you baby Angela.

Angela 22 months old!!!
And I am keeping the promise.

Love you all, thank you for the support and love to our family.

Thank you for been part of this extraordinary journey.


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